Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meeting Charlotte Hope

last sunday i made the pilgrimage to santa cruz to meet my newborn niece, charlotte hope.  she is pretty close to perfect, and i'm not just saying that because i'm her auntie.  see for yourself:
charlotte's beautiful, i can already tell she's sharp as a tack, and she's family.  how lucky is that?!  i can't wait to spoil her rotten.

for some crazy reason my brother decided he trusted me enough to let me hold this tiny, fragile bundle of brand new life.  and these are the pictures to prove it:
i love her so much already.  and i am mystified by the force and courage it takes to give birth.  i don't think i have that much strength in me - i mean, just getting up to plug in my laptop charger tires me out these days.  you rock, erin!
congratulations, brother and sister-in-law!  sedona couldn't have asked for a better baby sister.  you have such a beautiful, inspiring little family.  i love you all!


  1. Number two baby!!! I'm so happy for them!! :D And she is beautiful-- and I love both their names :D Charlotte is a wonderful name that is not used enough, that is for sure :D

  2. Oh, and it is not fair Erin looks so gorgeous just after giving birth. Seriously. I'll probably look hideous for weeks after (when this happens to me and Peter... if, actually, is a better word than when. I have a hard time committing to the "children" idea...)!