Friday, April 26, 2013

This is what Friday night looks like.

this is me tonight.  thank you, city college.

please enjoy the night for me everyone, because i cannot.  this is especially tragic because there's motown tonight.  i'll be writing about fava beans instead.

actually, i take that back.  while i'm transcribing notes and researching farmers' market bean trends, andrew is busy in the kitchen shelling these stubborn creatures from their pods for dinner.  

so that's something, i guess.

i'm looking forward to this semester being over.  i do feel very fortunate to finally be putting some of my passions to use, and learning a great deal along the way.  i just wish i was a bit more passionate about the fava bean, because so far i'm not the type of girl who enjoys plugging away until 2am writing about produce.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Name change?

i'm a masterpiece in progress.  so is this blog.

i wanted to call this blog "sincerely san francisco" because i'm obsessed with alliteration (in, like, not a non-pejorative way--zoë will get that little inside joke), and because i wanted everyone to know that a blog about san francisco exists out there somewhere.

i really liked the name sincerely san francisco, but now it seems more like a working title.  should i keep the blog as-is, or change it to "tem sabi" (my middle names which mean nothing in particular) or change it to something else?

i know that knowing what this blog is supposed to about would help with your opinion about this matter.  knowing what this blog is supposed to be about would help me out too. 

trouble is, i'm not sure what this blog is going to be about yet either, really.  it's all just more about what's most aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and ears at this point.

so, in your honest opinion, which title can you best visualize it all its html glory?:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

This is what Tuesday night looks like.

some friends and i met up at blackbird bar in the castro at church + duboce to raise our verres in a santé to our french comrades. this is me trying to hold it together through drinks after 9 hours of work and 3 hours of class.

what are we doing, you ask?

mastering our french poses. obviously.

i had a strawberry cooler cocktail, which set me back $11 with tip and was strong enough to convince me that this was a good pose.   as you can see, i pretty much rocked it.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

French Pride

i just found out some very exciting news about france today.  i've included some pics i took during paris pride 2011 to celebrate.

bravo, france!  you've done your country proud.

bises et l'égalité pour tous.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Time for Tee

Today was one of those blissfully hot days in San Francisco that I try to cling to and savor with true gusto.  Any day now the fog will blanket everything from Park Presidio to Pacifica, and I might not get to see sunlight until September.

This morning started at Fort Funston, where I had a photo shoot with a foster dog family for an assignment I’m working on.  Even though this meant sacrificing my morning of sleeping-in for “work”, it was easily 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and I got to hang with eight happy dogs at the beach.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday.

Golden Gate Park (which is actually larger than Manhattan’s Central Park, just FYI) has a golf course.  Who knew, right?  The weather was perfect for faux country clubbing, and Andrew's new clubs looked so shiny and just itching to be scratched up in the sand.  Which left us no choice after my shoot was over but to try my hand at my very first game of golf.  

I mean, I have been mini golfing, which Andrew says doesn’t count.  I say, what could possibly scream “golf pro” more than putting a ball into a bear’s mouth between the blades of a windmill while standing on an island surrounded by a miniature moat?

Anyway, I digress...

I was a bit apprehensive about the game at first.  Aiming little balls into little holes isn’t one of my many talents.  Then the guy at the pro shop told me we could drink beer on the course, and I fell in love.  Can’t wait to go back for my next nine holes!

I’d like to sound magnanimous by saying that Andrew and I didn’t keep score and simply played for the love of the game, but we’re both far too competitive for that sort of nonsense.  I got 87.  I blame the rented clubs, as my form was obviously impeccable.

After golf, Andrew and I tried trekking to the top of Grand View behind our house to see the Lyrid Meteor Shower.  We had the ambition and wherewithal (well he did, anyway) to carry the telescope all the way up there, only to realize that it was missing an eyepiece and couldn’t be focused.  Because we’re crazy smart astrologists like that.

Not that this mattered, as the moon was bright and the city lights were dancing.  The view was spectacular, just not very inviting for meteor shower viewing.  Also, I've got to invest in a tripod!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Inaugural Post

Hello, imaginary readers!  I've been noticing that a lot of the stuff I read online takes place on the East Coast.  Theoretically, this is great.  I love the way Ivy League preppies dress after all, and isn't finally admitting to that really the most important thing?  

Let's be honest, though: San Francisco is pretty spectacular and needs some more love.  I was born here, and while I have loved living elsewhere...well, let's just say that if this city was good enough for the awesomeness that is Journey, then it's good enough for me.

I'm not really even sure which sort of direction this blog will go in, but stick around to see my thoughts and photos of just life in general in the land of the East Coast’s younger, cooler, naturally redheaded stepsister: the Left Coast, and its hopelessly cosmopolitan misfit star, San Francisco.  

Grab a PBR, pull up a chair and stay a while, won’t you?

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