Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Happy List

{}  dolores park.  i'm embarrassed to say i lived in san francisco for two years without once visiting dolores park (always such a debacle to get there on the muni).  but today, all that changed.  the views of downtown from there - you need to see them for yourself.  just drop whatever you're doing and go there.  right now.

{}  sid.  while losing sid tore my heart into a million different pieces, just having the chance to get to know her and share part of my life with her makes me happy.  very, very happy indeed.

{}  charlotte was born.  need i say more?

{}  my maxi dress.  there's something about being able to wear a dress without needing to shave that's strangely liberating.

{}  vacation.  in.  three.  days.

{}  sweat.  i sweat today just walking around downtown.  which means the sun was out.  and it was glorious.

{}  friends.  i sure did pick the best of the bunch.  i have impeccable taste, what can i say.

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