Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sidney Forever

Sidney on her favorite pillow.

It is with an incredibly heavy heart I must write that at 5:30 this morning, it was discovered our perfect-in-every-way Sidney Lou Ponson Hyatt passed away after a rapidly developing, but unidentified, illness.  She died in Andrew's arms at nearly 16 years old.
Cuddle time with her favorite human.
Sid on her favorite pillow cuddling with her favorite human.
It doesn't get any better than that...unless fish is involved.

Sidney adopted Andrew from the Humane Society back in 2001.  Andrew was in search of a friend and so was Sid, apparently.  She was two years old at the time - one of the oldest cats in the shelter - and therefore very wise.  She reached her white paw out of the cage to get Andrew's attention as he walked by.  She knew a pushover when she saw one.  True to form, Andrew couldn't resist her charms.  The two have been inseparable ever since, save for a stint when Andrew left for college and Sidney and he sent love letters back and forth.
I was lucky enough to be invited into Sid's life in 2009.  That first day we met, I picked Sid up to give her a kiss on the lips and she promptly bit my lips in return.  At that moment, I knew I would love her forever.
Sid's favorite activities included people watching from the front stoop, drinking bathroom faucet water, being brushed, hunting mice, cuddling, napping on her favorite pillow, and mealtime.
You've never seen a cuter face.  Trust me.
I will forever cherish the gentle taps of her paw against my skull as she tried waking me for breakfast every morning, or how she'd always lay on top of my jackets and coats and make them into her own personal bed for weeks at a time, or how she would run up to greet Andrew and me at the front door each time we got home, or the feeling of her claws kneading my skin as she cuddled and purred on my lap after dinner without a care in the world.

Everyone who met Sid knew how wonderful and full of spunk and character she was.  We shared some really great times together, and she helped me through some really tough times as well.  Every memory I have by her side is a blissfully happy one, simply because she was capable of making everything blissfully happy.  She was the perfect cat, companion and friend.  She will be sorely missed and remembered with love and fondness always.
 Sidney, you were a blessing to us in every possible way.  I will love you always.
Thank you for the memories.


  1. Oh, Leith, That Was A Gorgeous Tribute. But The Photos Are amazing. What Perfect Memories You'll Have Of Queen Sid. My Heartfelt sympathy At Losing Such A Wonderful Companion. She'll live Inside You Always.

    1. She definitely will. I have never, ever regretted taking pictures. There's no such thing as "too many" when they're of the ones you love!

  2. Leith, I love this blog and tribute to Sid. Thank you very much. I imagine this is just as hard for you as it is for me. Reading through this and also seeing these photos comforts me on knowing how great her life was, and helps keep me from how sad the loss of her is. She loved you with all her heart.