Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The War on Your Christmas Wallet

I adore Christmas.  The carols, the trees, the twinkle lights, the gifts.  Especially the gifts.  It's always nice to receive, but let's be honest: I love one-upping people and getting them something I know they're going to love.  Does this make me a horrible person?  Probably.  But I do it in the spirit of trying to buy their love and adoration, so somehow that makes it ok.  Right?

If you're lost on what to get those special someones in your life, may I suggest a few ideas?  Some of them are affordable, and some of them will cause your wallet to die a slow, miserable death.  But they're all great ideas.  I promise.

{1}  Humans of New York is a project I've been following for months and I just can't get enough.  The photographer, Brandon Stanton, has been taking snapshots of New Yorkers for years and has gained an immense following on Facebook.  Just this past month, he released his first book of his work.  It's a sometimes fun, sometimes chilling, always insightful look into the American experience.  Highly recommended coffee table fodder. ($17.99)

{2}  Is there anything more annoying in life than ear buds?  Seriously.  They never stay in my ears and they drive me mad.  Same with cords.  What in the heck is up with cords?!  Enough with that nonsense, I say!  The answer to all the madness is wireless Bluetooth headphones.  Connect them to your smartphone or other techie device that sound comes out of and prepare to feel liberated. ($35.99)

{3}  Last year I bought myself a picnic basket set for four.  Best decision I ever made, and this is coming from a girl who decided to buy 5" red suede high heels, so you know I'm full of good decisions.  I've used my picnic basket half a dozen times and it's still in great shape.  This set is a bit smaller, but comes with a handy space for two wine bottles (super important).  From plates to glasses to bottle opener, everything you need is in this set except the food. ($59.99)

{4}  Crystal Head Vodka.  Because look at that kick-ass bottle.  And vodka goes with everything. ($44.99)

{5}  Lately I've been finding myself in need of a more convenient version of the carry-on suitcase.  That's when I stumbled across this leather beauty.  So yes, I secretly want it for myself.  Because look at it.  It's perfect.  If you feel like buying it for me, I won't complain.  I might even bake you cookies as a token of my appreciation. ($98.99)   

{6}  Winter is cold.  And even big, strong man hands need cashmere-lined gloves from time to time. ($39.99)

{7}  This down jacket is the San Franciscan's uniform 9 months out of the year.  It weighs less than an egg and protects against fog, rain, snow and other natural disasters.  Better versions exist out there, but this H&M model is the low-cost version that I wear. ($59.95)

{8}  Another gift I secretly want for myself.  It's a calorie tracker, step counter and heart rate monitor (!!!) all in one.  It's an expensive gift, but something to keep in mind for that person who miraculously manages to exercise every day while also managing to stay off your naughty list all year. ($199.00)

{9}  I know you have a friend out there as obsessed with Downton Abbey as I am.  I know this because you're smart and have excellent taste, which is why you read my blog (don't worry, just kidding).  Anyway, this book is amazing.  Buy it.  Give it.  Be worshiped forever. ($19.99 for hardcover version)