Thursday, July 4, 2013


despite my aching heart, this past week was full of lots of celebration.

if you've been following united states politics at all, you've probably heard that doma (the defense of marriage act) and prop 8 were struck down by the us supreme court a week ago.

true to form, san francisco made these happy court decisions into a city-wide block party wednesday night.  i was fortunate enough to be able to take part with some friends.

sf pride weekend followed a couple of days later, and it was a wild and happy celebration of love.  i even got to borrow a pink wig to liven up my persona for the festivities.  this is a look i'm now considering taking on permanently.

i was pretty adamant about getting photographic proof that i was there to witness these historic moments in a city famous for its celebration of diversity and great street parties.  they're photographs i plan on showing to my grandkids someday.  first, because i always loved discovering old photographs of my own grandmother marching in parades and being part of san francisco history in her early days.  and second, because i want my grandkids to be fooled into thinking their grandmother was cool.

  it's impossible not to love a city full of so many people who want to celebrate happiness and equality.  really makes me feel like this place has its priorities in the right place.  

now onto more festivities and a day off from work, hopefully with some fireworks and a picnic in the park mixed in.  happy 4th of july!

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