Thursday, July 11, 2013

Life in a Box

packing.  there seems to be nothing more monotonous yet inherently promising than packing up every last fridge magnet and pair of underwear into a bankers box that, mysteriously, weighs more than i do, cramming it into a car that's smaller than my bed, then unloading and carrying it up an infinite amount of stairs only to be unloaded again.  a painful amount of manual labor (as far as labor goes, manual is my least favorite kind), yet having the need to pack promises adventure, new opportunities, and a (hopefully) exciting and full-of-unknowns chapter in life.

i moved around a lot once i started college.  up until coming to san francisco, i had never lived somewhere for longer than a year at a time, several of those times only 3-6 months between moves.  in some ways, i liked this lack of permanence.  i lived light, able to fit my most prized possessions into a single suitcase for an overseas flight or, less desirably, long-haul greyhound bus trip.  knowing that a year from whichever day i was living i'd be in a new apartment, in a new city, and possibly in a new country filled me with happy anticipation.

life is a bit different now.  having been at my current address for two years (a new record!), with a doting boy and a cat and a life of domestic somewhat-simplicity, i had allowed myself to settle into a routine.  and hoard - i definitely allowed myself to hoard.  i moved to the city with about five boxes and a suitcase.  i'm leaving with a suitcase, fourteen boxes, two shoe racks, and three zippered packs full of bedding.  who am i?!

considering the circumstances, this particular move has been put on the bottom of my list of priorities for the past few weeks, for a variety of (mostly good) reasons.  but time is ticking away, and these boxes, sadly, aren't going to pack themselves unless i'm willing to pay movers $85 an hour.  which i'm seriously considering.

while a part of me is experiencing a large amount of emotional pain with this particular transition (duh), there's another part of me, the old part, that is still excited about this new place, new chapter, and new decorating possibilities.  it's good to know that the adventurous part of me is still alive and well.

p.s.: today's my mom's birthday.  happy birthday, mom!  i love you!

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  1. I'm Dreading Unpackung So Much, I've Already Put It Off ForA Year. And I Continue To Acquire More, Although Much More Slowly, And Much Smaller Things.