Monday, June 10, 2013

The Day I Rediscovered My Inner Culinary Goddess

tonight i made dinner using this delicious black and white bean chili recipe.  i think i might have accidentally added more than a "dash" of cinnamon, but andrew and i cleaned out our bowls in no time so i don't think i messed it up too badly.  also note the frito chips - i really pulled out all the stops for this meal!

it felt good to spice things up in the kitchen again.  i really haven't spent much time on the stove since classes started in january, and i forgot just how therapeutic it is to chop up vegetables and sauté them in oil (or better yet, butter!).

i love the blog a beautiful mess.  not only did it give me the easiest chili recipe in the world (seriously only 30 minutes from start to finish), but it also convinced me to soak some gummy bears in apple flavored vodka for the weekend.  this week is shaping up already!

tomorrow i'm going to attempt cannelloni.  this will be my first time stuffing cheese inside of pasta shells, so it will probably be my biggest mess in the kitchen yet.  wish me luck!

  i think this new obsession with cooking is my body's way of putting off exercise for as long as possible now that i have a bit more free time in my day.  which, honestly, is fine by me.  gym memberships are expensive and running is hard.

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