Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Long Live the Queen

meet queen sid.

she's a cat.  she adopted andrew from the humane society back in 2001 when she saw him stranded there one day.  she took pity on him, stuck out her paw and wrapped him around it.  andrew likes to say that he found her, but we all know the truth.

other than your royal highness, queen sid also answers to sidney-lou, sidney, sid-cat, baby girl, kitty, wantsomefood?, dinner!, treat or simply sid.

sid's formally named after former giants pitcher sidney ponson.  she still won't say whether or not she likes being named after a 6'1", 260 lb. dude.  andrew picked the name.  andrew's obsessed with baseball.

andrew, the humane society and lots of doctors like to guess that sid is 15 years old, but a true lady never reveals her age, so she's not talking.

sid likes the finer things in life, and has taught andrew and i about having impeccable taste.  her favorite things include:
  • mackerel straight from the can.
  • fresh water only (preferably dripping from the bathroom sink or shower).
  • long naps in the afternoon.
  • long naps in the morning.
  • long naps at night.
  • leaving her fur on our clothes.  and our bed.  and our bathroom sink.
  • long, luxurious tongue baths.
  • exploring the great outdoors on our front stoop from behind the comfort of our security gate.
i used to have a cat of my very own and i loved her very much.  she died far too soon and it's safe to say i was absolutely devastated.  i still miss her terribly. 

sid took care of me during this hard time and gave me lots of purrs and cuddles.  she is very kind and i'm forever grateful.

andrew and i are pretty obsessed with sid.  and no, i'm not going to become a crazy spinster cat lady someday.  i'm already a crazy spinster cat lady.  duh.  so yes, expect plenty more posts and pictures of her on here.  i can't help it.

for the record, life is infinitely better when shared with animals.


  1. Aww, sweet Story About A Sweet Kitty!

    1. Aww, thanks Mom! And thanks for being my one and only faithful reader :)