Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hello, Sunday.

for some reason sundays always feel a little lonely to me, and today was an exceptionally quiet, foggy sunday in the city.  

i started the day with a latte and a walk through the sleepy neighborhood streets.
see?  empty.
 somehow during the walk i talked myself into getting some spring cleaning done before spring officially turns into summer.  i am really, really good at putting things off until the last possible minute.

no leith cleaning project would be complete without buying some completely unnecessary supplies first.  the anticipation and preparation of a clean apartment is the best part, after all.  the actual cleaning is lousy, in my opinion.  and in my house it never stays clean for long.  but our apartment needed it in the worst possible way - seriously a safety hazard thanks to all my clothes everywhere.

on my shopping list: a new vase from daiso (only $1.50!  what?!) and some peonies from the market down the street.

aren't they pretty?  

now my apartment looks exponentially more cheerful, and i'm positive that not having all my clothes all over the bedroom floor anymore has nothing to do with that whatsoever.  it's amazing what a vase of freshly cut flowers can do.

i hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!


  1. It Was Foggy And Gloomy Down Here Too. Glad The Vase And Pretty Flowers Performed So Well In Their Supporting Role In The Clean Apartment Saga!

  2. And a saga it was, too! ;) Are you coming up for Zoe's birthday?