Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Happy List

a new day, a new chance to list things that make me happy:

{-}chocolate milkshakes - and the best coworker in the world who brings me milkshakes just because she knows i like them.  i am spoiled!
{-}my sister for coming out with me just to chat.
{-}warm weather.  
{-}manicures.  they're my guilty pleasure.  for an hour every couple of weeks i get a warm lotion hand massage and painted nails that look perfect - how is anyone able to be so precise with a brush like that? 
{-}holga prints.  i got them.  i feel slightly more accomplished and talented because of them.
{-}the cute snores sid makes when she's fast asleep.


  1. So THAT'S Where You Got Those Yellow NailS!! Yay For Guilty Pleasures!
    Love you.

    1. Got bright red today! Needed a little pick-me-up :) Love you too!