Friday, May 31, 2013


memorial day weekend was full of goodbyes, and goodbyes--whether it be because someone is moving across the world or because someone has moved on to the next world--are always hard to take.

our awesome, talented friends auður, marinó and baby ylfa moved away from the city forever (well, i'm secretly hoping they'll be back by year's end, but i won't hold my breath).  they're moving all the way to denmark.  demark is awesome, so they probably won't be coming back.  that's the hard thing about living in sf: no one stays for long.  so on friday zoë, andrew and i said our sad goodbyes as we drank to their success in farofflandia.  we'll miss you guys so much!

monday was another sad goodbye, this time for andrew's step-uncle, jimmy.  i never had the chance to meet jimmy, though i hear he was a very intelligent and talented man with an interesting life story.  i regret not having had the chance to meet him, but felt honored to be part of his memorial on monday.  it's always a difficult thing to put together a celebration of someone's life while also honoring what that person would have wanted, but i think monday's memorial was a beautiful, relaxed tribute to what jimmy would have enjoyed if he himself were still here with us today.

spring always seems to throw a lot of emotional curve balls my way (maybe because that's when baseball season starts?...ok, that was a bad joke), and may has been exceptionally exhausting.  

summer, where are you?