Friday, April 26, 2013

This is what Friday night looks like.

this is me tonight.  thank you, city college.

please enjoy the night for me everyone, because i cannot.  this is especially tragic because there's motown tonight.  i'll be writing about fava beans instead.

actually, i take that back.  while i'm transcribing notes and researching farmers' market bean trends, andrew is busy in the kitchen shelling these stubborn creatures from their pods for dinner.  

so that's something, i guess.

i'm looking forward to this semester being over.  i do feel very fortunate to finally be putting some of my passions to use, and learning a great deal along the way.  i just wish i was a bit more passionate about the fava bean, because so far i'm not the type of girl who enjoys plugging away until 2am writing about produce.

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