Monday, June 30, 2014

#Pride Weekend in Review

You know those incredible weekends when you get home from work on Friday night and your friends invited you out but you lied and told them you weren't feeling well, but really you just wanted to finish watching Orange is the New Black in your nightgown with a doughnut and raspberry hard cider?  And then on Saturday you sleep in until 11 because you have nowhere to be, and then you finally get out of the house at around 2:00, do some shopping, and then on Sunday repeat the process with a good book at the park?

Yeah, this was not one of those weekends.

This weekend was Pride weekend, the holiest of holy weekends in San Francisco.  No one walks away unscathed.

I'd done Pride in Paris a few years back, but extenuating circumstances (aka birthdays and baby showers) always kept me from celebrating it in San Francisco to the full extent it deserves.

Well, this weekend more than made up for that.  Highlights of the weekend include:
  • At least 20 people trying to pull my wig off my head at the Pink Party on Castro street (maybe this wasn't a highlight, per se, but it happened all the same).
  • Drunk singing to Mariah Carey at Badlands at 9pm.
  • Wearing a purple wig.
  • Reuniting with long-lost friends.
  • Chatting with Oakland mayor Jean Quan about purple wigs and pink boas, and where the best place to order said items is.
  • Pictures.  So many pictures.
  • Finding a clean bathroom *just in time* and no line!  A #Pride miracle.
  • March dancing.
  • 80 degree weather.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Finding $10 on the sidewalk.
  • San Francisco.  Because we love people.  No matter what.  But we love a party even more.
  • Also, a family reunion (more on that later).
  • Also, dog kisses.

    Basically I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.  Thank you to everyone involved!  Let's do this again sometime, shall we?

Celebrating love is a beautiful thing.

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  1. so glad it was so fun, clean bathrooms and ten bucks to boot-- it was your lucky parade!! thanks so much for all the pictures you took at the reunion too, and then posted, wonderful!!! love you and your purple wig (thank GOD no one got THAT!!!!)