Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Love You, Man

This guy did stay-at-home-dad parenting before it was cool.  He sewed together leather arrow quivers for my brothers.  He built a tree fort.  He painted my sister's nails.  He bought my sister and me all the Shirley Temple movies.  He had long talks in the car with me about global warming, the futility of religion, and the nature of the universe.  He buys random knickknacks on random days and just hands it to you and says, "Here, this made me think of you."  He's the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. He makes pizza from scratch.  He's what all hipsters strive to be, only he's the original.  And he's my dad.

I love you, Dad.  Thanks for all you unconditional love.  And thanks for being as awesome of a grandpa as you are a dad.  If I ever have kids, it's just so they can have a grandpa like you.  I don't have much of a cool factor, but what I do have is because of you.  I start most stories with strangers with a, "Well, I'm pretty boring, but let me tell you about my dad."

Happy Father's Day to my dad and brothers.  You're all awesome fathers, and the fact that you have kids makes me feel really old and spinster-y, but your kids are the cutest, so it's ok.  I forgive you.

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