Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrating a Year of Unabashed Narcissism with Cupcakes

My blog turned one year old on Sunday.  So I celebrated.  With cupcakes.  Trust me, it's a thing.

Blogging is one of the most self-indulgent practices known to the Internet.  It's like journaling, only one has the audacity to think that anyone else out there cares to read it instead of keeping the entries where they belong: under lock and key under the bed.

Rather than write about lifestyle tips--trust me, you wouldn't want me to give you advice about anything, much less how to live your life--I just ramble on about whatever happens to pop in my head at any given moment.  And some of you actually read it.  Probably because you pity me and probably because my clustered thoughts and disorganized passions make you feel better about your own life.  But hey, I'll take it.  And I love you for reading whatever this blog is.

You know what?  The past year was a pretty adventurous one for me, without ever even leaving the state (Nevada doesn't count, I've decided).  I started this blog in love with a boy and a cat.  The boy and I broke up, and the cat died (I love you, Sid!).  We said goodbye to Wicca and welcomed Charlotte.  I moved down the street.  My sister moved across the county.  I met some awesome people and shared more cocktails than I can remember with them.  California legalized gay marriage.  I added some great experiences on to my resume.  I learned how to use emojis on my iPhone.  All in all, a pretty solid year.  It's like Blogger knew what I was in for and was like, "Hey, Leith, you might want to write this down."

Clearly I don't document everything, sometimes to protect the innocent and sometimes to spare you the details you don't want to hear, pretending there's some details you do, like getting my hair done...or more likely I'm just really tired and lazy typing up these posts takes time, you know.   But I just want to say thank you for reading.  And thank you, fate, for giving me quite honestly the most amazing family and friends (and readers I haven't yet met!) out there.  I know how sentimental that all is but it's true.

I feel like, however slowly, I've grown and learned quite a bit this year.  And I'm happy.  Really, truly happy...and I'm almost scared to type that because I feel like I'm jinxing it and because no one who's anyone actually admits to being happy anymore, do they?  But there you have it, and thank you for being a part of it.  You deserve a cupcake too.


  1. Yay! Happy Blog Birthday! I Love Reading It, AnD I LOVE reading
    That You're Happy!!!