Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Manual Mode Madness

not knowing anything about photography, including not knowing how to get motion blur out of a point-and-shoot camera with the flash on in auto mode, last year i decided my skills were ready for an expensive semi-pro nikon dslr - the kind with the big lenses you can take on and off and switch around. 

flash-forward a year and i'm still a horrible photographer, even after taking a semester-long photojournalism class.  but, i'm dedicated to learning, and i'm also dedicated to never, ever taking my camera out of manual mode (which, if you've ever gotten your hands on an slr camera before - of the digital or any other variety - you know how terrifying manual is, amiright?).

little by little, my familiarity with my camera has been improving, but dslrs can be heavy and cumbersome to carry around.  and since i almost had a panic attack buying my nikon because those numbers on the register got so darn high, i often worry about scratching the lens or dropping the entire thing and ruining my (destined to become) award-winning career as a jet-setting national geographic photographer because i broke my only good camera and would have to sell some sort of mid-range, non-essential body part in order to afford a replacement.

so lately, i've only been taking pictures on my cracked-in-too-many-places iphone.  which is sad, because now my camera feels abandoned and i think is starting to get a little depressed.

feeling guilty and even a little bit inspired, i've been finding myself with a renewed sense of commitment towards my nikon, and in the process stumbled across these great photography tips for beginning dslr photographers from a cute blog called our fifth house.

in the post, carmel does a fantastic job of explaining things in such a simple way that even i can understand, which is nice because there were many times that my photojournalism teacher tried explaining f-stops to me and i just nodded and got confused by all the shapes and sounds her mouth was making.

if you're a beginning dslr (or even a traditional slr) photographer, or have been thinking of taking the plunge into getting a big, fancy camera, i definitely recommend checking out this blog post.  it is honestly one of the most helpful explanations of manual mode i've found to date.  well, for beginners like me, anyway. 

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