Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Accidents

today i spilled salad all over my beige pants.  the salad dressing left a blotchy stain all over my left pant leg for the rest of the day.  nothing good ever seems to come from trying to eat healthy food.

i was too embarrassed to get up from my desk at the office, and of course i was meeting up with the girls for drinks after work.  how could i possibly enjoy a drink in stained trousers?  the answer, clearly, was that i could not.

so, after work, it was off to downtown i went for an entirely new outfit.

downtown san francisco is always a bit of a zoo.  if you ever feel like entertaining yourself for free for an hour, just sit on the windowsill of the gap and watch hoards of tourists in khaki shorts (a clear sign you're not from around here; san franciscans know it's never warm enough here for shorts of the khaki or any other variety) screech in delight and pat each other on the back and grin into their camera with as many teeth as their lips will allow as they clamor over each other for a seat on a $5 cable car ride to fisherman's warf.

honestly endless entertainment.  not that i fault these tourists.  cable cars are awesome.

somehow, though, the zoo disappears when i'm in "the zone" - that is, looking for a new outfit.  there's no use denying it: i really like to shop.  especially for clothes.  i turn from a woman wandering somewhat aimlessly through life into a woman with a purpose, on a mission to become the best-dressed woman in west portal.  ok, well, at least in the top 50.

it felt horribly decadent and unnecessary and lovely to simply buy a new dress (and jacket...and shoes...and scarf...oops.  but they look so cute together!) because my pants were dirty, but clothes shopping is cathartic for me.

while weeding through the clearance rack at zara, i was able to clear all of those charged, overlapping worries out of my head and zen out enough to discover the answers to life's really important, most unanswerable questions, such as: why hasn't leonardo dicaprio won an oscar yet?  i mean, really?  but then i got home and forgot the answer.

clearly, though, my day was an eventual success.  just look at how adorable we all are.  all, obviously, because of my new outfit.

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