Wednesday, June 5, 2013


just received this in the mail today.  i love getting things in the mail.  it's like a little piece of christmas every day.

the camera is a holga.  it's cheap, it's plastic and it uses 120mm film.  that's right: i am single-handedly bringing film back from the dead.

the best thing about 120mm film is the prints turn out square.  in the square v. rectangle debate, squares are obviously the far superior shape.

the holga works in such a simple way that each frame ends up with unique sun splotches, bursts of color, and random imperfections on each print.  basically, the holga is like instagram for fine art photography students.

i know nothing about fine art photography, but i'm a user of instagram and would love some printed photos to hang on my wall.  the holga is my attempt to mix these two things.

this one pound wonder, $30 on amazon, will either be my new best friend or worst enemy.  i cannot wait to see what prints i end up with!

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