Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy excuse for cake day!

My blog turned 2 today. Even though I haven't been posting much on it lately, I still decided that this was a perfect excuse for cake. Happy blog day to me, but most importantly to all of you! Thank you for reading all my random, ill-constructed thoughts. You're all the best blog readers anyone could ask for!

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  1. This is what happens when I lose my job, and have to share a computer with the hubby who never closes browsers- I miss reading my friends' blogs and stop living vicariously through them!! Happy be-lated blog birthday!! I finally realized I have a smart phone now, and thus can keep up with your blog as much as I want! (Lucky you!)

    Seriously, though, remember in college when professors were making dumb technological mistakes and I thought, "I'll never be that out of touch with technology!" Unfortunately, I'm becoming that clueless old person :( Also, I never thought I'd be fat, and yet, here I am! Sometimes I think I should just take a sabbatical from the hubby and move out to San Fran for a bit to let those hills kick my butt into shape! Want a broke as f*** roomie? :D