Saturday, March 29, 2014


Are you bored?  I know I am.  I mean it's raining out, after all.

When you're cuddled up inside today with a hot toddy and all out of shows to catch up on over at Netflix, then by all means enjoy my shameless plug for the weekly quizzes I'm making for Bold Type!  It's like the old NPR Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! quizzes they had online that I used to love, except not laced with humor yet (ever?) because I'm still getting my bearings and I'm trying to be professional, whatever that means.

Bold Type is a wonderful online magazine created by the great Deric Mendes, and has contributions by all sorts of talented people (whether I qualify as one of those talented people is yet to be determined).  Please stop on by when you have a chance and take a look.  It'll make you superior to everyone who doesn't read it, I promise.
Click here to go to the quiz!

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