Thursday, January 23, 2014

The San Franciscan

The blog has gone through an identity crisis.  Again.

I'm more like my parents than I care to admit.  I mean, they've got a lot of great qualities (hi mom!  hi dad!  love you!).  But picking names in a timely manner isn't one of them.  My dad refused to even humor the thought of naming me or my siblings before we were born, and after that it was a good two weeks before they could decide on a name and stick with it.

This habit has definitely been passed down to me.  I remember when I got Neasa, my cat in college.  She had three different names before I finally decided on Neasa.  This meant a month of her kittenhood went by when I scolded her for clawing at the curtains by three different monikers.  It's a wonder she didn't need therapy.

Then there's this blog, which has run the gamut of name changes.  There was Sincerely San Francisco because hey, why not.  But that felt too cutesy, so I changed it to The Outside Land Diaries, which felt too cutesy again and I hated it almost as soon as I changed it.  Then I changed it again to The San Franciscan just now.  Which is decidedly less cutesy.  And here we are.  Ta-da!

Not much has changed around here, really.  The url is different, natch (and no longer has that business at the end, which saves your poor typing fingers) and I'm toying with the idea of listing things I love online in the shop section, really more as a way to stop myself from buying them.  And then there's the link to my Twitter feed in the sidebar.  Though, I should warn you, I'm a really boring tweeter.  Brevity isn't my strong suit, so the platform kind of freaks me out.  But I'm getting there.

In terms of logistics, if you've subscribed to this blog by email or RSS feed (thank you!), you shouldn't run into any issues or need to resubscribe.  That being said, I did do all the transferring of info myself, so God knows I probably made a mistake somewhere.   If When this happens, please just let me know and I'll happily fix the issue, and I sincerely apologize in advance for my incompetence.


  1. Hey there, my name is Tiffany and I just discovered your blog! I too, am a San Franciscan blogger (more photographer) and I look forward to reading your blog!


  2. Yay! I like this name, and it holds true to who you are-- you are as much a San Franciscan as one can be! :D