Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Happy List

{} Thanksgiving = pumpkin pie, sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce.  Oh, and family.  But really, food.

{}  Ok, and family.  I really love getting the family together.

{}  The annual Maver family shopping trip in San Francisco is right around the corner.  Even though my sister and I live here now, walking around window shopping with the family never gets old.  Probably because we always end the day by looking at the kittens up for adoption at Macy's and pizza.

{}  Christmas music.  I plan on driving everyone mad with Christmas music because it's that awesome and never gets old and they're the only songs I know all the lyrics to thanks to countless Christmas concerts in elementary school.  So really, I plan I driving everyone mad with my singing.  Yes, this makes me happy.  Very happy indeed.

{}  Speaking of Christmas music, I'm going to this concert at Grace Cathedral.  The Boys' Choir at Grace is phenomenal.  Who wants to come with me?

{}  Mulled wine and egg nog.  If you don't like both these things, I don't want to be your friend.

{}  Rain.  We need it and it's finally decided to pay us a visit.

{}  Can you tell I'm happy the holiday season is finally here?  Expect a lot more annoying posts about it in the future.  I know you're dying with anticipation.  :)


  1. I totally adore this season and yes to mulled wine:) Muah

    1. Mulled wine is pure magic. Cheers to the holidays!

  2. Haha, no to mulled wine, but yes to egg nog-- we can still be friends, right? ;D

    I LOVE that it is finally cold in So Cal, though I miss the rains of Northern CA :( And I miss you!

    1. Fine, fine, we can still be friends...I suppose ;) Miss you and happy holidays, chica!

    2. Thanks, dearest! Miss you, too :( We won't get to see you this summer as it is the summer of family reunion, so I'll have to wait a whole other year to get my Leith fix in :( That makes me sad!