Monday, September 9, 2013


after a particularly trying week last week, i looked in the mirror at my dry hair that more closely resembled rotting hay than commercial-worthy luscious locks and a face that hasn't seen real makeup since before obama's second term, and decided i deserved to have an "oops" day - that is, a day when i "accidentally" treat myself to things i really can't afford.  and then, when i look at my bank statement the next day, i say to myself "oops!"

you might say this is a highly irresponsible and materialistic habit for someone who can't afford to be irresponsible or materialistic, to which my response is: quiet, you!  retail therapy is a highly respected cure for many things...i am sure there's a study out there about it somewhere.

this time around, after getting a horrifying haircut in the castro district on saturday which i sulked about for the rest of the afternoon, my oops purchases were a kerastase hair conditioning masque and nars makeup.  so far, the jury's still out on whether or not the kerastase was worth it, but nars is quite possibly the most amazing makeup i've ever used (i've been using their tinted moisturizer for over a year).

i spent an hour being worked over by a nars salesgirl yesterday, and by the end of the consultation i was all dolled up just in time to head home, wash it all off, and head to bed.  but that didn't matter.  i don't know what it is, but there's some sort of sick satisfaction i get in watching my cheeks be covered up in glorified face plaster.  like my water baby doll or blanket when i was little, a fully made-up face, a bright shade of nail polish, and a shoe with a heel does wonders for my confidence on those down days.  i know how sad this must sound, but since i sometimes go several days without shaving my legs, i still can call myself a modern day feminist, right?

i wish i could have taken that salesgirl home with me to pull me out of bed in the morning and slap that stuff on my face every day, though.  i promised myself before going to bed last night that i'd wake up early enough this morning to put my new makeup on before work.  it took me precisely 7 hours to break that promise. 


  1. Retail therapy is a real thing, for sure! That is why I spent way too much money this past weekend buying all new work out clothes so I won't be embarrassed when I go work out with my personal trainer. Yes. You saw that right. I've hired a personal trainer, and thus far, have made it to 6 classes in 3 weeks. We'll see what happens :P

    1. You got a personal trainer? That's awesome! I would love to get one one of these days! The only way I'd EVER be able to stick to an exercise routine is if I hire someone to yell at me over the phone when I'm too lazy to show up. Let me know how you like it!

    2. I've already reduced my back roll of fat significantly, which is awesome. He just told us this morning that he will give us a wake up call for the morning practice because I told him I don't like the other trainer that does the evening classes. So far I'm happy. Peter signed up with me, and poor guy, he isn't overly happy about it, as he already has a ballet class at his community college, and his job requires him to walk all over the hilly campus. But because I hate all things gym and sweat involved (unless there is satin and lace involved), I needed his support to walk into the place. I was seriously having a panic attack the first night we went, I was so anxious about what it would be like!