Monday, August 26, 2013

Underneath the smoke...

...was a love story.  two of the finest people on this planet married each other this past weekend.  surrounded by the mountains and lake tahoe, the smoke from the yosemite forest fires couldn't smolder the flames of love those two have for each other (yes, i went there).  congratulations, aric and michelle! 

i never ended up pulling out my fancy camera, but according to my iphone, 
there's proof of the fun we had at this family affair:

thanks, mom and dad, for the drive...and the hotel...and the meals...and the memories.  
i guess i owe you both a drink!

p.s.: yesterday was my dad's birthday.  happy birthday, dad!  i love you.


  1. Your mom is looking so good!! I love that picture of her with the baby :D Glad you had a fun time, and got home safe to San Fran. NPR has been having a field day with all the fires happening-- it seems like every time I get in the car they are discussing the fires in CA.

    1. I am ashamed to admit this, but I didn't realize there had been a big fire in Yosemite until after we had arrived. It's crazy being at Tahoe and having the sky so thick with ash that you can't see the mountains. It just looked like a thick, orange fog coating everything. Except that this particular fog smelled like burning.