Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Happy List

{}  i got to spend the entire week alone with ^^this kitty^^.  it was magical.

{}  i found an apartment in san francisco in one day.  one day!  unheard of in this city.  i still cannot believe how lucky that was.

{}  by the time i write my next happy list, my niece charlotte will be born.  yay for cute babies and their cute baby clothes!

{}  wine.  wine was a big part of my week this week.

{}  zoe, dylan, and jessica for being soooo incredibly helpful during my move this weekend.  i couldn't have done it without you and i love you all!

{}  all the new outfits i rediscovered at the bottom of my hamper/closet/armoire while packing. 

{}  ikea.  there, i said it.

{}  the sun.  it's out today for the first time in two weeks.  hurrah for san francisco summers!

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