Friday, June 14, 2013

Dry State

this picture makes me cry every time i look at it.
last night i decided to follow some friendly advice and pour myself a glass of red wine before bed to try and cure my insomnia.  that's when i realized, to my absolute horror, that our wine rack is empty.  empty!  how could i let this happen?

not having any decent alcohol in the house really doesn't sit well with me.  i mean, what kind of hostess would i be if a guest stopped by and i couldn't even offer her a glass of cabernet?  i feel like i'm living in some sort of alcohol-free alternate universe, and i'm really not ok with that.

that being said, i need to stockpile tout de suite.  our little rack looks so bare and lonely, and it's starting to call me a bad mother.

anyone have any good wine suggestions?  buying wines in my price range ($15 or less/bottle) is really like aiming a hunting rifle while blindfolded.  i'd love any suggestions anyone has!

1 comment:

  1. Haha, just befriend more Mormons, then all you have to offer is water :D The one time I bought a bottle of wine for a dish I was making, I just opted for this cheap stuff that only cost about $3. We used what the recipe called for, then tried to give the rest away. None of our wine-drinking friends would touch the stuff, so we ended up giving it to our wino landlady, who loved it! So there. That's my contribution to your plea for assistance. Useless, as usual.