Tuesday, June 25, 2013


with all the excitement surrounding andrew's marathon last week, i didn't get a chance to honor my dad on here for father's day.  well, here's the first thing you should know about him: he never uses computers, so it doesn't really matter to him either way.

if that doesn't sum up my dad, this should: he's an intellectual mountain man from new jersey.  and i love him to death.

my dad can sit next to the radio listening to npr for hours with a book in one hand and a cigarette and beer in the other (what can i say?  he's a great multitasker). he has an answer to every question, and his answers are always right.

from the beginning dad encouraged me to read and write and think for myself and go for my dreams.  he also gave us kids tough love in only the way a transplant from new jersey could.  i like to think i'm a better person for it.

dad taught me the importance of being true to myself instead of trying to please other people - life's most important lesson.  most people go through their whole lives never knowing this valuable piece of information, while it was my bedtime story.

some people call my dad a grump.  i call him a character. he is, strangely enough, one of the vainest people i've ever met.  but obviously, as you can tell from his picture, it's working for him.  back in the day this insistence on perfection created some really amazing woodwork. 

dad was always there to pick us kids up from school, give us a home cooked meal (always burnt to perfection), share his worldly views with us when my sister and i were homeschooled, and exemplify the virtues of keeping quiet rather than using noise to fill the void.  instead, when you're mad, just roll your eyes and burp.  you'll get your point across better that way.  i wish i inherited more of his wisdom, but at least i can say i'm related to him.

i love you dad.  thanks for being awesome and having a sense of humor about life.


  1. Dad Chuckled When I Read Thus To Him. I SaId "What Do You Think?" As Tears Were Streaming Dowm My Face, Choking Back Tears As I Read, He Said " It's Good", Then
    Burped. High Praise Indeed! Thank You Leith!

  2. That was beautiful!

    And even more beautiful, how just the perfect blend of your father has been passed down!